love raps

by Hindley

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love raps by hindley
art by tiffany dodson

a small project.
create with positivity.
things are good now.

thank you too all the producers who let me use their beats.
support them please.

tomppa beats

sleeps was the only producer I couldn't get into contact with, so the track "hero as fool" is totally free.

don't stay quiet.

love, hindley.


released March 18, 2017




Hindley Perth, Australia

don't stay quiet.

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Track Name: angel/stolen valor prod. tomppa beats
trying to forget the taste of cigarette,
that you left on my tongue from the passion in your breath,
cigar chomp on my steps to ease out of this regret
but the flavor that has set
is what im trying to forget.

it's your nose its your neck, what stayed and whats left.
watching your chest rise slow with each breath,
climax and let it rest, fall back into our best
obsessed, on the sex, let it grow, watch it set.

let it glow, let it test, watch me flow, count my breaths
bars to the breast, stressed vets on peaceful protests,
dandelions lying on muzzle housing shells that are undressed
faux flower children are dying on a bed made in jest

four feathers to the neck, cowards tickled as they're blessed
and if i knew of tech nine's, than i'd be swinging out the tech
talk of henny talk of blep, but that cultures not my debt
and its embarrassing to touch a work without trace of my sweat

call me petty on my theft on me calling petty theft
i can touch the hands of death or write in glows of sunny setts
hold close to what is mine, not a factory preset
no claims to perfection, but what I offer is my best.
Track Name: seventy cents prod. slr
listen lil chano
6 by fantano
drunk up by milo
the migos of mento
j play the demo
joanna on the echo
evans set tempo
lady day memento
she said so, they said no
billie holliday inn, blue moons but no bed though
the sex slow, although the stress flow
to tell a lie is a sin, 70 cent weight, the take low

the lake low
won't dip a toe
a lateral move east from this seat if i face snow
go for broke, the bank know, the tax lies, the gigs owe
ill take your shows, the studio, the styles you stole, the seeds you sow

A pathetic apathetic with lyrical aesthetic but you can believe it if I said it, if I set it it stone i meant it
my commandments my menace, by the good two you're indebted, carve the art from the message, you were the oko to a lennon

when they told me that it sounds right motioned to romanticize the tension within our fights to warm up these cold nights
the way we wasted our time, for a name you gave that won't rhyme the hair you cut, the way you fucked, the yellow laces tied tight
rope burns across their thighs, matted bloody carpet rides, host to name to fucking prize, a surge price on a sunrise,
salt in the wound of a razor burn, menage a trois in hindsight, ashes on ashes inside the urn, hands to the flame for a last light

too tired of fucking around I got it im in, I get it, i I go
the treasure was her you live and you learn x on the spot that I'm gold
uncover the sounds your city has found that lesson will never get old
the spots that I earned with those that tape I burned lit a fire that can't run cold

get that lust away from my trust bet your pissing me off and I mean it
bout to be a snitch you talk shit with only show up when its convenient
a fear in my heart is playing close enough to seize it
my mind is telling me love is the only true sight if you see it bro bro

Track Name: no fluxes prod. amstergates
gut bullied bullied buster punk,
tell him when hes had enough,
say it in his native tounge,
screaming through those heated lungs,
blame it on his lady love
claim that she aint giving much,
shame a broken streak of luck,
sewn by hips now splitting up.

eyes bleeds cant say hes phased
took too long to clean the cage
blood thinners big dippers doing well or so he says
bet that they wont find the page
torn from binds of what he made
crude cartoons of lustful fantasies found on a ruled display.

slip slide slow roll his side hey
shift high show call this mind one day
this sky knows all missed lives gone late
fists fly bones crawl shift sides on fate

love and let mouths roll down on the taste taste
hug to forget proud calls try to save face
gun juliet down other house sex taste
run to your rest sound falls on the deaf face ey

twist the glass around, let it crawl a little deeper, no sleeper
blood creeper till I meet her, viola cheater
lovely neck, disrespect, suck a vain, break a leg, no intent, no regret
bashed a cortex to forget

pina collided sunset, he would of tried to upset, the fever inside it runs red
skinny bed sides are force fed, we thrive when meet death we thrive when meet death
Track Name: hero as fool prod. sleeps
rain against my windows as we prolong our winter
self medicating ashy lungs, I keep on growing sicker
all these fuck ups keep blowing up, i wish they'd die down quicker
silhouette lifted bent bewildered no longer a big dipper

honing that resilience to try to do what's told
called it persistence, but your blood lines runs cold
watchful eyes told me your lies, saw your hand, didn't fold
I'm a handful of skull for some Hamlet to hold.

to put it bluntly I felt nothing when you chose to love another
from a small stage, the front page, claiming to some covers
not a big town but I still found your name on stickers stuck on gutters
no air left in heaved breaths go get the chair if you smother

they've tightly secured this life, it's a little hard to breathe
the paradox of hospitals should have you on your knees
I'm glad you gave up on me, a comfort of unease
so close to being my happiest in danger of being pleased

pandering to voices that don't question what you mean,
might be buried in the mix but you'll always hear me scream

and i've got hair like tommy genesis
white boy rhyme with elegance
half loving pessimist
pob has no relevance

design my own exodus
find out what my message is
a coven decides with recklessness
don't miss the nemisis

cool with thy unpleasantness
expecting my irrelevance
navigating and directionless
my soul wasn't meant for this

your body wasn't bred for this
you failed, your wolves weren't fed for this
you cling to passion in negligence
they're loyalty to malevolence

sink teeth into snow, take an under belt blow
bantam bitch wants to know, if i let her thought go
reminisce rather slow at the pre drop plateau
but the depth leaves my sight as I hold vertigo

let it go
Track Name: saffron prod. ciano
i know ya daddy doesn't love me
knots blister tighter in the tummy
the lack of money
that tacky honey
the last of the lovely we strictly bubbly
she strict with hubby say she love me
put we above he

and we ride bikes in tandem, i used to go to schools
pay entry then ban them, can't say i had a plan then
can't say I was a man then

can't say I am a man now, waited in line for life rushed in and fucking fell out
I went the wrong route, no sick ass clique to cream around the crops for cashouts
we bad and we bout, beat up the wrong boy on the back of the mouth, on vets casting couch, he heading out, we coming now

break feat. mike ladd

and my rhyme scheme the pyramids, no body hearing this, local love doesn't make it this far into the tape
goofy haircuts on the primitives, illiterate claim to lyricist, what ive left in my wake is just the same or so they say
cut the fucking interferences, blessed with disappearances, art thieves in my way forging off into the fray
and its boojee exhibitionists, boring and unlimited, under a saint that doesn't pray with a wealth they have not made

no more faces in my head as I write what souls have said, not of her, not of them, not for girls, not for friends
revenge is sweeter but repent, because the secrets they have kept, will be the reason for your end, thats a lesson not a threat.
ohhhboy did you forget, about the lies and puffed chests, when you were trying to impress, a new cycle of unrest
pocket posse all upset, how you're failed and obsessed, with the idea of being blessed by a wealth that won't invest

i don't wear saffron and I wont cheat the mike ladds out of soul in my songs
Track Name: terrarium prod. dxwntxwn
in my cold damp dark room the petals open the rose has bloomed
not a shred of flesh that trusts the heartstrings played out of tune
like a fungus i shall grow under the weak light of the moon
but the dream is not to die but to wake to the sun against my room

but thats not even possible with the way I plant my feet,
dig my toes beneath the roots but my ankles fuse to sheets
and I can beg to the sky for the sun to see me plead
lovers carved their initials on my skin and let me bleed.

despite the skill of playing with my words that play with truth
about my mundane life with the same lines overused
It was me who dragged my soul from the confines of this room
I'm proud to say my happiness is not a product of you

and I was useless and wishing I could hit the notes you can while you take mine
blabber a ballad, we're both the x and coexist on a chorus line
menage a naught fuck what you thought, we run this on our own time
voyeur old inspirations who let themselves become a punchline

I'm an original soul in carcass a heart, cavernous screams ring they true
I'll take an idea and a sound and i'll fucking make something you can't even try to do
bodies of landmarks separate styles of hard links to break in to
I'm bad with names when you haven't got one but truly I really hate you
Track Name: mea culpa prod. oofoe
i'm good now, gotta admit that I'm good now, didn't try what I should now, can't commit what I would now and suicides a bad look good now

kenny segal freaks the sp rather well, sorry for the bother brother but you bleed the melodies I'd rather tell
got greif for the greif I gave made you think I was trying to sell, a dream you created well
thats not the case, but the case that you made gave shame in my selfish ways, a new outlook on the games that I tried to play over your head what can i fucking say
or like that ever happened, like it wasn't more likely that it was something I imagined, like you were probably just passing on what I justified as my passion you're half asking, you're half assing, soul hungry and fasting.
this connection, its not lasting, call back curtain calls and they're casting, you're gasping, for the air of a dream you're not grasping,
well not tight anyway
Track Name: sahel prod. rosetint
3 stripes across my feet, got no car on this street, i don't own my heart, dentist's own my teeth, i don't pray, i don't sleep, baby may, baby weeps, when she says is when i sleep, wipe the tears up off my cheek. please

bulk bill hypochondria, the house is getting homier, the homies getting tired of ya, im tired of homies hyping it
im hyping only my minutes, my time is only priced to fit, the price your mind decides for it, decide the ones to not submit.

spit shine all the stains, as I work the retail chains, daydreaming up song names, but they all sound the same,
must have phantom limbs cuz i can feel the phantom pains, accordion is the boom and all caps baps the brain.

bought an sp sampler so the flies don't come, freak it rather well but my shows don't run, pay me from the door till i make my funds, stage to the floor i will live my love.

i will live my love till i reach my sun, till my star burns out, till my hands go numb, till the words in my mouth stop to slip my tongue, until my sahel drought i will soak this fun.