Blame Delay

by Hindley

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Written/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Hindley
Produced by Hyan
Artwork by Hindley


pull tighter and feel faster
claimed as the impostor
come through and I'll stop ya
but mi casa es tu casa

lay the lines that I trust
so foundations can hold us
but it seems you've given up
to honey up in the gold dust

goldlinks to my old tricks
dance smooth till my soul sinks
the boatman still runs things
but uber keeps the coins in

I'm just numb and getting colder
while young men are getting older
too quick to see a culture
only dreaming of their gosha

you told me I had six months
id come for you when the moneys up
but business has been fucking up
anxieties been acting up
stomach acids are burning us
winced regret at the thought of us
you told me I had six months

I tried,
I tried to fall in love
spent each month on a different song
but you two didn't get along
I lied,
I lied about what's done is done
came back for you but i didn't run
called out for you but you didn't come

when they come round to collect
I say fuck those who forget
I say fuck the bros that arent friends
I say fuck the shows that don't care

you think I give a that fuck you sing
I can sleep from the noise you bring
keep this arrogance from showing
but you walked I path I'm paving

will you step off my toes and embrace the highs and lows
ill bite at your neck like you bite at my flows oh
when did he embrace, that she outpaced, their own ideas, that he had placed, took to erase, what filled their space, those cheeks are burnt with hot disgrace

I blame them.


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Hindley Perth, Australia

don't stay quiet.

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